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For a fascinating read, pick up The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This story follows Santiago, a shepherd from Andalusia who finds himself on a spiritual journey that changes him forever.


Truly inspiring, this book has the potential to move you as well as teach you. Admired universally, this book is already considered a classic and contains worldly wisdom that is sure to grip you from the inside out, allowing you to access each emotion that is beautifully conveyed within its magical pages. Carl Jung is one of the most well-known psychiatrists to date. He created analytical psychology, what we now refer to as Jungian psychology.

Running with Scissors is a moving and unique memoir that paints a rich picture of growing up in a less-than-conventional household. This is the story of an unorthodox childhood with no rules or regulations, delusional mothers and psychiatrists that resemble Old St. A riveting story, this is best paired with red wine and chocolate on a starry night. These incredible stories will grab hold of your guts, gripping you in their depths and releasing you to the majestic worlds they create. Traniformations and Symbols of the Libido was an extended study of fantasy thinking, and of the continued presence of mythological themes in the dreams and fantasies of contemporary individuals.

Jung reiterated the anthropological equation of the prehistoric, the primitive, and the child. He held that the elucidation of current-day fantasy thinking in adults would concurrently shed light on the thought of children, savages, and prehistoric peoples.

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For Jung, myths were symbols of the libido and they depicted its typical movements. He used the comparative method of anthropology to draw together a vast panoply of myths, and then subjected them to analytic interpretation. He later termed his use of the comparative method "amplification.

Following Jacob Burckhardt, Jung termed such typical myths "primordial images" Urbilder.

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One particular myth was given a central role: that of the hero. For Jung, this represented the life of the individual, attempting to become independent and to free himself from the mother. He interpreted the incest motif as an attempt to return to the mother to be reborn. Dreams were attempts to solve the individual's moral conflicts. As such, they did not merely point to the past, but also prepared the way for the future.

Maeder was developing Flournoy's views of the subconscious creative imagination.

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Jung was working along similar lines, and adopted Maeder's positions. For Jung and Maeder, this alteration of the conception of the dream brought with it an alteration of all other phenomena associated with the unconscious. In his preface to the revision of Transformations and Symbols ofthe Libido, Jung wrote that the work was written in I9II, when he was thirty-six: "The time is a critical one, for it marks the beginning of the second half of life, when a metanoia, a mental transformation, not infrequently occurs.

After completing the work, he realized the significance of what it meant to live without a myth. One without a myth "is like one uprooted, having no true link either with the past, or with the ancestral life which continues within him, or yet with contemporary human society. I was driven to ask myself in all seriousness: "what is the myth you are living? So in the most natural way, I took it upon myself to get to know "my" myth, and I regarded this as the task of tasks-for-so I told myself-how could 1, when treating my patients, malce due allowance for the personal factor, for my personal equation, which is yet so necessary for a knowledge of the other person, if I was unconscious of it?

He then undertook to get to know his myth, his "personal equation. In his revision of this text, Jung qualified this 29 "Address on the founding of the C. In Black Book 2, Jung noted that it was this dream that made him decide to embark on a relationship with a woman he had met three years earlier Toni Wolff. He gave particular importance to two of these, was something living down there. The first follows: apostles, the signs of the Zodiac, and so on, but that he "could make nothing out of the dream except that there was a tremendous I was in a southern town, on a rising street with narrow half animation of the unconscious.

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I knew no technique of getting at the landings. It was twelve o'clock midday-bright sunshine. Someone says, "that is one who cannot childhood memories, but this did not resolve anything. He realized die. He died already years ago, but has not yet managed that he needed to recover the emotional tone of childhood.

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He to decompose. Here a striking figure recalled that as a child, he used to like to build houses arid other came, a knight of powerful build, clad in yellowish armor. He looks solid and inscrutable and nothing impresses him. While he was engaged in this self-analytic activity; he continued On his back he carries a red Maltese cross. He has continued to develop his theoretical work. At the Munich Psycho-Analytical to exist from the 12th century and daily between 12 and 1 Congress in September , he spoke on psychological types.

No one marvels at He argued that there were two basic movements of the libido: these two apparitions, but I was extremely surprised. As regards the old Austrian, the outer world, and introversion, in which the subject'S interest Freud occurred to me; as regards the knight, I myself was directed inward. Following from this, he posited two types Inside, a voice calls, "It is all empty and disgusting. The psychologies of Freud and Adler were examples of the fact that psychologies often took what was true of their Jung found this dream oppressive and bewildering, and Freud type as generally valid.

Hence what was required was a psychology was unable to interpret it.

Suddenly a gull or a dove flew in and former relationships. Suddenly this bird turned into a child of eight feared that he would go mad. Then the could not imagine this, he concluded that he was "menaced with child suddenly turned into the gull or dove.

She said the a psychosis. I saw a blood-red glow, like the. It comes out of the times of Meister Eckhart, the time of the culture of the Knights, when many ideas blossomed, only to be killed again, but they are coming again to life now. However, when I had this dream, I did not know this interpretation" Analytical Psychology, p. Bennet noted Jung's comments on this dream: ''At first he thought the 'twelve dead men' referred to the twelve days before Christmas for that is the dark time of the year, when traditionally witches are about.

To say 'before Christmas' is to say 'before the sun lives again: for Christmas day is at the turning point of the year when the sun's birth was celebrated in the Mithraic religion In in "The psychological aspects of the Kore," Jung presented some material from Liber Novus describing them all as part of a dream series in an anonymous form "case Z. He noted that this dream "shows the anima as elflike, i. She can just as well be a bird, which means that she may belong wholly to nature and can vanish i.

See also Memories, pp. And at that time someone asked me what I thought about world events in the near future. I said that I had no thoughts, but saw blood, rivers ofblood. For example, in , Wassily Kandinsky wrote of a coming universal catastrophe. From to , Ludwig Meidner painted a series of works known as the apocalyptic landscapes, with scenes of destroyed cities, corpses, and turmoil.