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March 12222 Astrology Forecast: Mercury Retro in Pisces

For those with significant planetary placements in or near 10 degrees of Sagittarius, such the Ascendant, Moon or Sun here, the effects of this eclipse are likely to be experienced more powerfully.

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As an influence that amplifies human action- for better or for worse, eclipses are inwardly transformative periods and ideal for intensified spiritual practices, worship and charitable giving. The planetary influences at the moment of the New Moon indicate themes that will characterize the atmosphere over the next 30 days.

Among the 27 Nakshatras, Moola is among the most intense and profound of the stars. Its associated deity is Nirriti, a contractive goddess who of all things represents scarcity, dissolution, as well as witchcraft and hidden information. She is an antithesis to abundant Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, and yet, in Vedic myth, Nirriti is considered to be senior in age to Lakshmi, where Lakshmi bows in reverence to Nirriti and pays regular respects.

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Since this constellation lies at the center of our galaxy, it has meanings of bestowing one-pointed focus and a desire to see the stark truth of a situation, and to unearth hidden information and pull it up by the root cause. This being said, the month ahead may be characterized by situation that call for an unsentimental willingness to connect with the truth even if it is not comfortable. Jupiter Enters Sagittarius in November This month Jupiter the Great Benefic planet changes signs on Monday, November 4th to enter sidereal Sagittarius until November 20, As the planet of abundance, wisdom, and overall blessings, the house that coincides with the sign of Sagittarius in one's individual birth chart receives a gracious planetary boost for the next one year.

To offer a general overview as to how Jupiter's transit may play out for each rising sign ascendant , please read on. In Vedic astrology, the Ascendant, Sun and Moon signs all provide interrelating layers of important information. Remember that Vedic astrology uses the sidereal Zodiac that is based on the backdrop of the fixed stars, instead of the western Tropical zodiac that is based on the seasons.

The dates of the Vedic Sun sign are here as follows approximately, give or take a day or so depending on your exact birth year :.

ARIES: Jupiter's transit through the 9th house of wisdom, ethics, higher education, pilgrimage, teachers, and general Grace encourages noble undertakings motivated by a sense of dharma or one's most innately suitable path of right action. This transit facilitates greater proximity to spiritual teachers or clarity around spiritual practice. Also, for those working in fields of higher education, this transit may be especially professionally favorable.

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If you are troubling over some stuffs, get into bed and sleep over it. This is a good transit for going on retreat and spending time in inspirational and natural locations. Log in This website uses cookies to improve your experience. It is predicted by the Vedic Astrology Horoscope that you might find a new partner in college, if you are looking out for a new love affair to be started. Its results would pre-dominate.

Among one's family members, the 9th house governs one's father, where he may generally benefit this year, or this relationship becomes more significant. TAURUS: Jupiter's transit through the deeply transformative yet intense 8th house may bring gains that come from unusual or secret sources like inheritance or receiving gifts with complex strings attached. There may be radical acts of free-thinking independence, and secretive or possibly controversial interests like in shamanism, the occult or psychic development. As the house of the sub-conscious mind, this 8th house transit may also give an attraction to psychotherapy or unearthing the very roots of what makes one tick.

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GEMINI: Jupiter's transit through the 7th house of romantic relationship and marriage encourages a love-interest commitment or may bring clearer discernment and more sensitivity in relationship, and this transit may improve the life situation of one's spouse in various ways. This is also a house of general one-to-one partnership, where this transit encourages business partnership and colleagues. For those who work intimately with others in fields such as counseling or other one-to-one therapeutic work, this transit encourages healing potential for clients and patients, as well as encourages natural suitability with them.

Those in healing, health care or social work professions may especially benefit professionally from this transit. There may be the welcome reversal of a nagging life situation or chronic health condition that is born out of new steadfast resolve to overcome unproductive tendencies, as this transit encourages fresh and welcome understanding of the smaller daily routines or attitudes that have shaped a bigger life situation. LEO: Jupiter's transit through the expansive 5th house of creativity, intellect and devotion may motivate one to be a student for the love of it.

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As a primary house of poorva punya or 'past-life merit', this transit encourages the expression of unique and uncanny creative gifts that may have been cultivated over lifetimes. This is also the house of children, where Jupiter's transit may support fertility, benefit one's young ones or enhance one's relationship with them.

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While Mercury is retrograde more mental discipline and discernment is required as misunderstandings can arise. To improve Mercury energies this month, it is advised to be dedicated with your meditation practice or any creative endeavors.

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Slow down, and take time out for quiet introspection. Mercury begins its retrograde phase while transiting its weaker sign of Pisces on March 5. Mercury in the water sign of Pisces is more intuitive, impressionable, but we must watch for self-deception. Later, on March 14, Mercury then retrogrades back to the air sign of Aquarius and will stay in this sign until April 11, , but goes direct on March Mercury is more logical, inventive, and less emotional while in Aquarius, but can be somewhat critical. An important and major planetary event occurs March 23, when the nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu, shift signs.

Rahu north node will move into the sign of Gemini, while Ketu south node moves into the sign of Sagittarius, staying in these signs until September 21, The nodes of the Moon are called shadow planets or chaya grahas , and are connected to eclipse energies.

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Monthly Vedic Astrology forecast by Kerry Shamblin. Prior to that, there was a short, three-month preview when Saturn entered Capricorn March 20, and. The forecast for Astrology March gives us the opportunity to change course, while maintaining our connection to our inner truth.

The nodes carry great karmic impact, as they remain their transiting signs about 18 months or so. We experience life lessons and a shift of perspective now involving the significations of the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. This is a month to embrace the changes and shifting of perspective that arise as the nodes shift signs on March Rahu, the north node of the Moon, now favorably transits the Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini, and can generate stronger communications skills and mental abilities.

We are asked to direct our heightened intellectual energies to uplifting projects, for the greater good of all. We are more versatile and research-oriented. On a lower level, Rahu in Gemini can be mentally manipulative, selfish, and overly analytical. Watch for mental overload or issues with an over-stimulated nervous system.

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Focus on heart-connections and proper rest to help stay balanced. Ketu, the south node of the Moon, will now be in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius which is quite philosophical and can give greater spiritual insight. We experience an increased desire for greater esoteric knowledge and self-understanding with Ketu in Sagittarius. This is a good transit for going on retreat and spending time in inspirational and natural locations.

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As Sagittarius is a sign that rules philosophical belief, religion, and rituals, and Ketu is a planet of detachment, no boundaries, and rejection, we may go through a period of re-examining our spiritual belief system. Ultimately we want to live a more expansive and authentic soul-centered life. Ketu will have the added influence of traveling with the forceful Saturn in Sagittarius from March 23, until January 23, Ketu and Saturn are planets that both signify detachment and surrender, with strong spiritual overtones.

Saturn, planet of truth and commitment, conjunct Ketu, planet of enlightenment, may generate more profound experiences with our sadhana or spiritual practice. However, Ketu acts like Mars, and Saturn and Mars are not friendly, so we can experience some challenges, and up and down energies with this combination.

Saturn wants things grounded and realistic, while Ketu is otherworldly, nebulous, and non-committal. We are asked to really let go, and still be present in life. Gandanta degrees are at the edge or cusp between a water sign and fire sign. In this case Jupiter will travel from 29 degrees Scorpio water sign to 0 degrees Sagittarius fire sign , for a long time, from March 14 through May 8,