Scottish referendum astrology

Alex Salmond & Nicola Sturgeon: Scottish Independence & the Age of Pisces

I use the horoscope for the UK which puts the Sun at 10 degs. The last time Pluto transited this point it was in Libra, in Since we are talking Pluto — it is particularly worth noting the strike of London undertakers who left corpses unburied. Yet there are major differences between then and now.

I just want to mention one or two. A Pluto is in the sign of the establishment, Capricorn and Pluto rocks and shakes from below. Alex Salmond does — after all — have a grand water — feel good- trine in his birth chart! On December 15th we will have the 6th of 7 hits.

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The final square is on March 15th This points to an ongoing process of deep change. The seismic plates beneath our feet are shifting. I think he has. Cameron in fact has created a dystopia that has spelt nothing but disaster for the majority of people living in the UK today London and the South-East excluded!

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The fact is, the horoscopes for the Royal Bank of Scotland and the here about a 'No' vote in the Independence Referendum some time ago). Forecasting: Between June and April , Scotland exits England, and the UK.

The story of the boy who cried wolf comes to my mind. The Government has fed the public too much false information over the last years, the absence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and the disappearance of Home Office files on child abuse, just two examples from a list that is long. The Scottish people would be wise to pay little attention to scaremongering. Neptune currently winds its way through watery Pisces.. Cullen cites varies battles and historical figures including Robert the Bruce who had the Sun around this degree. Traditionally this 25,year-long cycle is calibrated for the purposes of determining astrological ages by the location of the sun in one of the twelve zodiac constellations at the vernal equinox, which corresponds to the moment the sun rises above the celestial equator, marking the start of spring in the Northern hemisphere each year.

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An Astrological Interlude: Brexit

There is some dispute when the Age of Aquarius will begin — but most astrologers agree that we are certainly now on the cusp of it. Gerelateerde artikelen Geen gerelateerde artikelen.

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The astrology of the United Kingdom and Scotland is somewhat complex, and there are at least four birth charts to consider. The Grandfather of all British horoscopes is for the coronation of William The Conqueror in , although this one has minimal bearing on Scotland, as it was long before any union existed. Unfortunately there are no early horoscopes for Scotland itself, so most astrologers use the chart, and it is certainly being strongly activated this year. The most recent adjustment was in , when Southern Ireland split off to become the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland remained as a member of the United Kingdom.

I will be including all the above charts for your perusal, as well as the chart for Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland, and the primary proponent of Scottish Independence.

The first thing that caught my eye is the current transit of Saturn through Scorpio, which places it almost precisely on the Midheaven of the chart on the day of the referendum. There is no question that such a transit of Saturn could indicate a change of government and status in the world, but it could also mean a reconsolidation of what already exists. It might simply be a symbol of the fact that independence, with all of its ramifications, is under consideration. Together, these transits speak to some kind of shift, suggesting either a break in the union, or perhaps the whole issue of Scottish independence being put to rest.

Even if an outcome is not clear, the astrology shows that the questions are being asked. I was born in Scotland and spent most of my first 24 years here, and have always been proud to be Scottish, so in that sense there is a certain romantic appeal to independence. I do find it interesting that Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has so much water in his birth chart, in the sense that his strongest chance for separation may be to launch an emotional appeal, banking on patriotic fervour to win his case.

It is the opinion of the majority of Scots that I have spoken to, that Salmond is a very slippery character, and though clearly very intelligent, he has used tactics that run from subtle misinformation to outright falsehoods, in his desire to sway the public to support his cause. Having spent the last 32 years of my life living in the USA, Salmond certainly appears to be an American style politician, willing to say whatever it takes to win his political battles. This transit has been active in his chart for the past couple of years, and though technically past its peak, it will still be very close to an exact alignment on referendum day.

The chart for January 1 , when Ireland joined the UK, is what many astrologers have been using for years to signify modern Britain. What strikes me the most is the position of the Sun, at 10 degrees of Capricorn, which means that the chart is getting the same Pluto conjunct Sun transit as Salmond, who was born on December As I mentioned earlier, December of was the last time that the United Kingdom made a major adjustment, losing Southern Ireland to independence, with the formation of Northern Ireland.

This came about after many years of bloodshed and religious conflict between protestants and catholics, a tension that continued to play out throughout the rest of the 20th century.

Scottish independence referendum 2014 explained - Guardian Animations

The most interesting thing astrologically is that when Northern Ireland was created, Pluto was in an exact opposition alignment with the Sun in the chart, the very chart that represented Ireland joining the United Kingdom in the first place. Clearly Pluto brought things to a head back then, and now in we find Pluto exactly opposite its position, once again aligned with the Sun in the chart, as the future of the United Kingdom is decided.

There is a final chart to reveal, the one for December 25 , when William the Conqueror was crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey. This is not a chart that is often used for Scotland, but it is a significant date in the history of the British Isles, and by a quirk of destiny, it has the same exact Sun position as the chart. This of course means that Pluto is currently conjuncting the Sun in both British charts and closely moving up on the Capricorn Ascendant in the chart , clearly revealing that something big is waiting to happen.

Since it seems that Scottish independence is a long-shot, at least from the current polling, perhaps these major transits are referring to something else altogether. Given the age of the current Queen, this could be the time that her long reign comes to an end, through her death or abdication. It is also possible that the Pluto transits will uncover a scandal that strikes to the heart of the British establishment.

For the past couple of years there has been a slowly unfolding story involving sexual child abuse by various celebrities including DJ Jimmy Savile over a 40 year period, which is rumoured to involve senior members of the British government particularly during the Thatcher years , the BBC, and even the royal family, so perhaps this will prove to be part of the momentous changes that lay in store for the UK. I hope that this blog stimulates some ideas and opinions from some of my readers. Please add your thoughts and comments and any analysis that might help further illuminate this topic.

Wow—what an analysis! But I see they are going to be thrashing it over for a few more months!

I do know your talent in mundane astrology—remember when you predicted for the Sedona newspaper that Obama would win that first election…. We sure got fooled.


Keep up the good work!! Thanks Nancy. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out over the next few months. Thanks for your comments Annie.

Barry Goddard

Though I do agree that Scotland needs to get a fairer deal from Westminster, I am not convinced that Independence will be in the best interests of the Scottish people, though it does of course appeal to our national pride. Either way, God bless Scotland! Hi Gavin, This Pluto prevalence is very interesting. There will be transformation and rebirth, for sure. Remember when Pluto moved into Capricorn? The solid structures of banking etc started to fall apart.

Yes, to some extent, but perhaps more deeply and importantly, a little just a little, more uncovering of their opaque ways and a little — maybe more — regret, and a resolve to seriously adjust the moral compass. So whatever happens, more secrets coming out, and so, a cleanup and change. A possibility is more devolution, including of the regions of England, as the more northern regions have their own definitive differences and sense of identity.

I wish I could remember the chart that Vi used to use for Scotland — was it , when Malcolm Canmore became first king of Scotland? We really should ask her about that chart and what she thinks. How about Catalonia?

Astrology scottish independence

Are we going to gain independence on N-9? Could you post an astrological reading please? Using the January 1 U. Chart, I am inclined to agree that the influence of transiting Pluto over the radical sun has indeed been the underlying astrological power throughout the slow processes leading up to the referendum.

Furthermore, the transit of Saturn in 2nd House in a T-square to its radical position and natal Venus is a sign of a restrictive phase in the material affairs and shared resources of the kingdom which is bound to cause deep heartache, if I may say. Also of relevance is the position of transiting sun and moon affecting the natal Uranus by an applying conjunction and a sextile respectively, thus stirring a projected ambience for democratic change on the night of the result.

Supporting the foregoing, the planetary transits upon Alex Salmond chart are in my view very promising. Thanks for your comments Jose. The clock is ticking and the pressure is building as we get close to the wire. I heard about you from my blog friend Joyce Mason who speaks very highly of you as her astrology teacher, so I am interested to find out that you have returned to Scotland.

I had a quick look at your article and feel much the same way as your analysis.