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The primary adjustment comes in with Venus in Scorpio retrograde in opposition to Uranus in Taurus.

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As the ruler of Taurus, Venus brings adjustments in areas ruling love, money and well-being. This Venus retrograde creates the major shift in circumstances that impact the Uranus in Taurus era. Visit the OnLine Newsletter. Uranus spends 7 years in each sign. Venus Retrograde in Scorpio occurs every 8 years. Both are alignedby an opposition in October, November, December Alpha Life Trends.

For more information: Visit the OnLine Newsletter. We are more able to make sacrifices or put our emotions aside in order to get something important done.

Alternatively, we can bring more sensitivity to our practical affairs. This can be a good time to commit fully to something — especially health and healing matters. There is a stronger desire to nourish, care for, or tend to favorite people, things, and projects. There can be greater attention to diet, health, and self-care programs. There can be a stronger connection to people we love, home, and family, and more sensitivity to others in general.

There can be touchiness, we can be temperamental, but also courageous. There could be domestic conflict or a conflict within ourselves whether or not to express something, or to act upon a desire. There is a good ability to successfully combine logic and intuition, and to understand problems taking into account the human element. Effective, sensitive decision making. We can easily find ourselves all wound up and nervous. Unpredictable responses from others and ourselves. Emotional eruptions are possible. What we feel and what we think we should do can be at odds with one another temporarily.

There can be discontent or indecisiveness. We could be feeling out of sorts. Tensions will pass. There can be confusion, misunderstanding, or some level of chaos and uncertainty. Avoid money transactions or new business initiatives — it can be difficult to think clearly. There may be deception or self-deception to deal with. We might have an emotional urge to escape. Relax and listen to some inspirational music. Honor your need to feed your more refined or spiritual side, and the difficult feelings will soon fade away.

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Life has a little sparkle right now. You are keen to make changes and find inventive ways to implement new habits. Initiating, pioneering energy. Independent, bold, courageous, assertive, fiery, inspirational, direct, decisive. Can be egotistical, impulsive, impatient, aggressive, lacking subtlety.

Stable and enduring, strong values, unyielding, earthy, acquisitive, strong desires. Can be stuck, stubborn, overly possessive, self-indulgent. Inspiring, broad vision, enthusiastic, goal seeking, truthful, adventurous. Can be reckless, unrestrained, tactless. The Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The element of Fire is enthusiastic, dynamic, and spontaneous, but lacks reflection. We are more courageous and adventurous now, with a tendency to act before thinking.

There is little concern about what happened in the past. We are competitive and possibly impatient or bored easily.

Which sign is that planet in right now?

We may have a difficult time being objective or detached. We may not be especially communicative. There may be some insensitivity or lack of empathy now. We may be tougher than usual now, and more inclined to follow mental or practical considerations than we are to listen to our intuition. We are concerned mainly with the nature of relationships and are made aware of recent imbalances.

Something can come to fruition. Our concern is not limited to personal relationships, but relationships of all kinds. Our cards are on the table. Note that the Moon moves at a rate of approximately one degree every 2 hours so that if an aspect involving the Moon is applying and has an orb of 5 degrees, the aspect will perfect be exact in about 10 hours. If the Moon is separating from an aspect with an orb of 2 degrees, it has already formed said aspect approximately 4 hours ago since the following are positions at noon today, then it would have occurred at about 8 AM today.

The energy of the aspect builds as it gets closer to exact. Separating aspects are good to know for context, but in terms of energy that is with us today, applying aspects are most important. This is the case for daily astrology influences involving inner planets, which pass quickly, and not natal astrology aspects, which are with us for a lifetime.

Uranus in 1st House

Our hearts or emotional needs and our minds seem to be cooperating, and we are able to communicate effectively. We may feel a need to escape or to rewrite our lives in various ways — by seeing what we want to see, for example. This is a short time in which there can be lack of clarity. Emotional and physical sensitivity. You are a reliable and solid individual. You have a strong need for stable routine and security.

You can be stubborn. Others can rely on your down-to-earth nature.

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You are a rebel but also a leader. You are innovative and original.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Others may see you as arrogant, wilful and disruptive at times. Life will be full of surprises. Politics, science or computing appeal to you. We communicate enthusiastically and straightforwardly under the influence of Mercury in Aries. Decisons are quick and perhaps rushed. Commentary is frank and possibly insensitive.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Cafe Astrology explores the meaning of Neptune and Pluto in the zodiac signs in the astrological birth chart. Dates for Uranus in Sagittarius: Feb 17, , to. Uranus Symbol Glyph Uranus, God of the sky and the heavens, is the ruler of Aquarius. In Astrology, the energies of Uranus are electric and crammed with.

We are more sensitive to how our communications are received or relayed, as well as to differences in opinion. We seek to heal through our words, to teach, guide, and understand. You will pursue a partner ardently and hastily, and yet strive for freedom and independence, once you are in an intimate relationship. You like to be the initiator in relationships, and can be aggressive. You may be a spendthrift. You fear commitment and rejection.

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You may experience pain in early relationships, but this pain is usually healed giving you insight and wisdom in later personal relationships. You see the beauty in people who have been cast aside by others, and develop the ability to be a teacher or healer in intimate relationships. You like to initiate ideas and spread information. You are assertive, although you can resort to evasive behaviour.

This is a time for resting, escaping, or taking a break as we reconsider our needs. We might temporarily lose focus or direction. This is a time to increase our cultural and spiritual awareness, expand our higher minds, broaden our experiences, and place our faith in the universe. Jupiter in Sagittarius is bold, opinionated, just, and adventurous.

November 8, , to December 2, Conservation, moderation, definition, structure, simplicity, and realism are themes now. We might also be striving for more authority in a particular area of our lives now. You are able to use your inspiration to be of service to humanity. You also have a talent for bringing this out in other people and helping them to work on improving social conditions. You are an ambitious and powerful person.

Taurus horoscope

You are a powerful leader and must learn to use your unique insights for positive purposes. You face restrictions in your current life as you struggle to express yourself. You may feel shy and inhibited in groups. In past lives you have been a responsible and hard-working individual capable of working on your own to complete arduous tasks. In this life you need to develop these talents.